LSM9DS1, Madgwick’s AHR filter and robot orientation

My original plan was to do several posts about general information and then go deeper into some topics, but as I’m currently working on getting the ST iNEMO LSM9DS1 intertial module to work, I thought that I might as well start this blog on this subject.

One of the thing I would like to achieve with this robot is to get it as close as possible of being capable of navigating and avoiding obstacles autonomously so it can, for example, returns to its starting position by itself.

As it will be used mostly indoor, using a GPS for precise positioning is not possible, so we have to rely on less accurate sensors. A 9DOF inertial module in the form of a LSM9DS1 from ST(datasheet), will be the main sensors to evaluate the robot position. This chip is in reality two components into a single package with a 3D accelerometer / gyroscope on one side, and a 3D magnetometer (compass) on the other side.

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Good old time ….

So I found some videos from my robot project from when I was young and beautifull .

First one is the E=M6 cup. I’m part of the Ville d’Avray IUT team.

Second one is from the 2001 Robocup in Seattle. Unfortunatly I could not find any better video and it seems I’ve lost all my archives from that time. We are the blue team.