About me

My name is Cyrille Potereau and I’m a french engineer working in the automotive industry. I’m an expert in digital signal processing and software defined radio.

However this blog is not about radio, it’s about robot. Not only because robots are cool, but also because working on robots allows to explores a large range of different topics. From mechanical, electrical and software design and all the way from low level drivers to computer vision and high level control software. As my job is focused on a specific domain, it is a great opportunity to work on something different from my daily work.

I already had some experience about robot from when I was student as I have been involved in 1998 in the E=M6 robotic contest for a french TV show, and in 2001 for the Robocup “middle size”.  Those two competitions were my best memories from my scholarship even if they implied a lot of work and some sleep deprivation.

Several years later, with the release of the raspberry pi and 3D printer becoming affordable, I thought it could be a good time to start a new robot.

This is an ongoing project that I don’t plan to be ever finished. I use as a platform to experiment and learn new stuff, so don’t expect any project plan, but maybe it can be useful for someone else so I’m sharing it here.